Visiting Africa in Retirement: What To See & Do

africaPlaces To Visit in Africa

The countries within Africa are incredibly diverse and this makes Africa an ideal destination for a trip away.

Retirement allows you to spend the time to Africa that it deserves because there is so much to see and do, two weeks in the Summer holidays doesn’t even begin to cut it.


safariYou can’t visit Africa and not take part in a Safari. The experience of seeing magnificent animals in their natural habitat, going about daily life, is second to none and an experience that might not be available for much longer thanks to poaching and hunting.

It’s got so bad that lions are expected to be extinct from the wild in 20 years.There are all sorts of safaris available; traditional safaris; night-time safaris; water safaris; on-foot safaris; the list goes on.

One of the most unique experiences we’ve heard about takes place in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in Botswana where you are able to see the Earth’s shadow as the sun sets; such a unique and humbling phenomenon.

Extreme Sports

mount kilimanjaroAfrica offers a wide array of extreme sports to the adrenaline junky, but don’t worry if you’re a little more tentative, there’s still plenty to see and do that doesn’t involve jumping off a bridge with only a bit of rope between you and the ground beneath.

As well as bungee jumping, there is sky-diving, all sorts of watersports including white water rafting, mountain hiking (from Table Mountain to Mount Kilimanjaro), cycling trails, scuba diving…the list goes on.

Quite a popular activity at the moment is shark cage diving however, there have been studies linking shark cage diving to an increase in shark attacks because the sharks are, understandably, beginning to associate humans with food (chum mixtures are used to lure sharks to the boats to ensure tourists get some interaction).

Similarly, animal interaction experiences in zoos and wildlife parks can perpetuate animal abuse so make sure to do your research properly if you’re looking into this, it might be better to admire the majesty of a tiger from afar.

Shopping & Culture

Marrakech rugsThere’s nothing like a good spot of holiday shopping to nab a few mementos to bring home with you. With the diverse range of cultures and styles in Africa, you can pick up some fantastic artisanal pieces for your wardrobe, home or kitchen.

Everyone knows about the fantastic rugs in Marrakech but what about getting some traditional clothes made for you in Tanzania? The local markets and bazaars around the continent are undoubtedly a must-do on any trip, even if its just to taste some of the incredible food you would otherwise never have the opportunity to.

Wine Tasting & Culinary Tours

wine tastingSouth Africa is one the biggest wine-producing regions of the New World and is well worth a visit whether you’re a wine buff or just enjoy getting a bit tipsy! With such verdant and beautiful landscapes, South Africa’s vineyards are a truly awe-inspiring sight. Stellenbosch near Cape Town is very famous for its wines and offers many wine tastings and tours for all levels, tastes and budgets.

If you’re looking to learn a bit more about African cooking, there are also lots of culinary classes and tours available where you can shop for ingredients in the local markets and are then taught traditional techniques and flavourings, eventually cooking up a masterpiece!


volunteering africaOne of the most rewarding things in life is giving something back and in Africa, there are a lot of opportunities to do just that. From helping to build schools, wells and houses in small communities to volunteering in animal sanctuaries or orphanages, there is plenty on offer to suit whatever passions you might have. You can even volunteer with ‘The Lion Whisperer’ himself, Kevin Richardson, at his wildlife sanctuary!

Whatever way you want to help out, make sure to do plenty of research beforehand so you know what you’re getting involved with; some of the volunteering opportunities can be very physically and emotionally challenging…but well worth it.

There is so much more Africa has to offer than we can even begin to mention, so we’ll leave you with one last enticement the continent has to offer.Have you ever fancied seeing the place humanity is thought to have originated? We thought so. Better get booking then!

Africa is a beautiful continent and we would definitely recommend visiting there, however If you are interested in more amazing retirement destinations,  click here.


One thought on “Visiting Africa in Retirement: What To See & Do

  1. Having just returned from a month in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana, I found your article spot on. Highlights for us included game viewing in Kruger and Chobe National Parks, getting drenched at Victoria Falls and walking with the lions at Antelope Park. Highly recommend putting Southern Africa on anyone’s buckey list.

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