UK Delis Offering Healthy Eating Choices

A Changing Attitude To Eating Habits

Although the UK rate of obesity is below the rate in many other countries across the world, reducing levels of obesity has become an important government initiative. To identify unhealthy eating practices, the government funded a research program entitled Family Food. The survey involved information from thousands of households and restaurants. Data was collected from the year 2007 through 2010.

The final compilations were published in December 2011 by the government’s National Statistics Agency.

Regrettably, many UK residents are indulging in unhealthy eating practices. The increase in sodium intake is also an alarming prospect. The government uses these statistics from the family food survey to create a list of bad eating habits used by UK residents.

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Down

Of particular concern is the lack of proper food and vegetable consumption. Fruit and vegetable consumption has fallen 7.5% since 2007. The trend points to further declines, which is being actively combated in schools and workplaces.

The report acknowledges that the consumption of fruit may be linked to the increasing prices. Even though the consumer is willing to pay a little more, the recent inflation-based price increases are fairly significant.

The only specific category of fresh vegetables that has increased since 2007 is the consumption of fresh onions, leeks and shallots. A combination of an assortment of nonspecific fresh fruits is the only other fruit class that has increased since 2007. The consumption of melons (-16.7%), fresh oranges (-20.2%), fresh citrus oranges (-19.8%) and other fresh fruits (-18 0.6%) reflect significant changes.

These healthy eating declines are even more prevalent in other European Union nations. In the UK, delicatessens and restaurants are both featuring healthy eating products. For the most part, UK residents are aware of the effects of unhealthy eating. In order for UK delicatessens and restaurants to be competitive, they must offer organic food products for consumption.

UK Delis Rising to Meet the Challenge

Restaurants and delicatessens in the UK are responding to concerns about healthy eating by offering increasing amounts of fresh food, including fruit and vegetables. Ever-more creative methods of introducing healthy food into dishes are being encouraged across the board, and in many cases the produce is organic.

One of the biggest areas of concern for manufactured foods is the presence of trans-fats. These are not only unhealthy but are also dangerous. Many fast Food restaurants only serve this kind of food, and it will take a long-term approach to change attitudes. Many would argue that fast food and high-fat home means have led to the dramatic increase in UK obesity – especially in the young.

Fortunately, UK delicatessens offer fresh meats, fish, fruits, grains and many organic treats. In a response to the habits of many other shops and restaurants, UK delicatessens will not compromise on the quality of their products – in terms of freshness and healthiness.

These delicatessens are now a viable alternative to the greasy, fried fast food restaurants, and are popping up across Britain.

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