Why Choose Locally Sourced Foods?

The Benefits of Freshness

Locally Sourced FoodGreat Britain loves fresh, locally sourced foods. The first time you taste real, fresh produce that has been cultivated on your doorstep, you will realise why it’s so popular!
Aside from the environmental benefits, the first thing you will realise is that fresh foods taste great! You will notice juicier, fuller-flavoured fruits and vegetables. Locally sourced food has spent less time in storage and transit, and will often taste much better as a result.

Many retailers choose produce for their shelf-life rather than their taste. Fruits and vegetables are often chosen based upon appearance instead of freshness or quality. The fact remains that truly nothing can beat produce that is fresh, regardless of its appearance!

What About Pesticides?

In the UK, 31,000 tonnes of pesticides are used by farmers for growing non-organic products to be sold to the public through large retail stores and small outlets as preserved foods. This is necessary to ensure farmers can make a profit whilst meeting the exacting standards of supermarkets. Often, locally sourced produce is made on a smaller scale, and isn’t required to meet the same shelf-life and longevity standards. As such, locally sourced produce often uses much less pesticides than larger scale operations.

Pure Food

Organic food is pure food, nothing more, nothing less. None of the risky hydrogenated fats, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives that are used in processed foods. You will find none of the growth hormones or BSE in organic meats.

Growers that raise organic crops and livestock understand the risks offered by processed foods. They understand the hidden starches in non-organic baby food. This is why they have undergone the expensive proposition of converting to organic foods.

Organic foods are richer in vitamins, much more nutritious, filled with healthy vitamins that the body deserves and wants and has essential fatty acids that non-organic foods just do not offer. You will not only taste the difference but soon you will feel the difference. Start you children eating healthy. Eat organic food stuffs.

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