Which Foods Are Good For You?

Healthy Oily FishAre You Listening To What Foods Are Good For You?

Most of us have come to understand that we are what we eat. We have been a little less willing to agree that what we eat may affect our moods and how we behave. Scientists have now built a strong case for the relationship between what we eat and our mood.
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Why Does the UK Love Curry?

curryThe British love curry, so much so that it is England’s national dish (alongside Fish and Chips ofcourse!).

  • 85 percent of the curry houses in the UK are connected to Bangladesh (not India).
  • The most popular curry dish in the UK is Chicken Tikka Masala.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala has become so popular that is now a sandwich filling and pizza topping!
  • Curry dishes received a huge boost when a curry-styled entrée called “Coronation Chicken” was used by Queen Elizabeth II at her 1953 coronation.

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