The Benefits & Drawbacks of Locally Sourced Foods

Locally Sourced FoodBuying locally sourced foods and organic is a hot topic and one that should be on the minds of every UK resident. In the wake of the country’s rising obesity rate and the general addiction of our young people to fast foods, our eating habits need to improve dramatically and sooner rather than later.

From the provider’s standpoint, the challenge is always to be price competitive. There are no guarantees with growing. The volatile weather patterns have affected British growers and therefore are affecting what we eat.

While most Brits prefer to buy locally sourced foods, there is a definite increase in imported goods, especially foods from China. What the UK needs is tighter food regulation and a pledge by consumers to do themselves justice and eat healthy foods only.
Processed foods come with identifiable risks. They are high on salts and other additives that are instilled to make the person want more. It is the same theory that fast foods use to attract diners. Processed foods and fast foods have low nutritional values. All you have to do is look around to see the jeopardy these food products put us in. We are an overweight nation, hooked on unhealthy foods.

In the US, Mrs. Obama is leading the crusade against that nation’s chronic obesity. In the UK, there are pockets of resistance but no serious frontrunner for an Eat Healthy, Eat Locally Sourced and Organic Foods. And, that is what it may take to reverse the current trend.

Things You Can Expect From Locally Sourced Foods:

  • Fresher products that are much less traveled
  • Fewer artificial colorings and flavorings
  • Lower prices due to lower storage costs
  • Greener products that require less energy to grow, preserve and transport
  • Helps with local job creation and community sustainability
  • Consumers have more confidence in the quality of locally grown goods
  • Safety concerns about salmonella and incidents like the horsemeat scandal are greatly reduced

Drawbacks to Buying Locally Grown Products:

  • “Grown with care” costs more
  • Busy consumers sometimes cannot afford the time to go to locally sourced food outlets. The supermarket is faster.
  • Quality of goods depends upon the quality of the area’s growers
  • Availability is subject to a number of factors, including weather

This is a great time to begin eating healthier and support the UK economy and growers in the meantime. The benefits of buying and consuming locally sourced food products far outweigh the risks.

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