5 Great Tourist Attractions in Buckinghamshire

hughenden manor
With easy access to London, the Greater South East and the Midlands, Buckinghamshire is ideally situated for tourists seeking a remarkable supply of historic homes, magnificent gardens and family attractions of all types. Accommodations can be in intimate B&Bs or luxurious country estates. Below is a sampling of some of the many appealing Buckinghamshire tourists attractions.

The King’s Head – Located in Aylesbury, the King’s Head is a historic coaching inn built in the 1300s. The public still has access to the Great Hill build in 1455, which is now a bookshop and coffee shop. Conference facilities in the 1530 Gatehouse and the My Lords Chamber. The Inn features stained glassed windows, exposed wattle and daub and the original stables as well as the Farmers’ Bar, run by Chiltern Brewery, and the Aylesbury Tourist Centre.

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The Importance of Local Food Sourcing

Locally sourced food

The Importance of Local Food Sourcing

The amount of local food sourcing has been amplified by several things, including the horsemeat scandal in 2012. Local sourcing has become an established strategy for UK retailers and consumer alike.

Local sourcing has many acknowledged benefits that retailers and consumers should appreciate.

  • Exceptional, fresh flavors.
  • Increased health protection.
  • Safer food supply.
  • Knowing how the food was produced.
  • Support for UK family farms.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Money spent with local farmers stays close to home and is reinvested in local communities.
  • Local sourcing provides fresher, high quality food at reasonable prices.
  • Lower delivery costs.
  • The savings in transportation costs alone ensure more value per pound.

The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) reported in January, 2013, that demand for local foods has continued to grow through the recession. In a recent survey, the IGD states that 30 percent of consumers purchased locally produced food in December. That is double the rate in December 2006.
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UK EU Champagne Exports Dive in 2012


UK champagne makers had another down year in 2012 and there are signs that the export slump is not about to turn around anytime soon. We can blame the export dilemma on the French but it is UK champagne producers who are feeling the pain.

The French are undergoing their highly publicized austerity issues. Politicians and the general citizenry have resisted it to great extremes but the troubled economy and massive unemployment is definitely reflected in changing lifestyle choice. Continue reading

Scottish Meat Wholesalers Express Concern


The Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers (SAMW) warned parliament that Scottish meat production is in a dire state. In an early November letter to MPs, Treasury of SAMW, Michael Moore, said that there is “widespread concern in rural communities over the potential effect of CAP reform in Scotland and that action needed to be taken.”

SAMW has combined resources with Quality Meat Scotland to provide analysis of the current livestock supply and what the current statistics mean for the future of the industry. McNaughton called for treatment outside the CAP regulations for the rest of the UK because of Scotland’s unique reliance on the agricultural industry. Continue reading

Food Sales Down Across The Board

food sales down

UK food producers and retailers have reported downward shifts in the purchase of food staples. This could be caused by rising prices and the instability of the economy but it is definitely impacting the industry. Supermarkets and other retail outlets are reporting declining sales of breakfast cereals, fruit juices, bread, bread, cheeses and pastas. The downturn in demand has stressed growers and manufacturers and retailers, many of who are ill-prepared to survive negative cash flow. Continue reading

New Cooking Standards For Prepared Foods

frozen food

Have you ever picked up a frozen dinner and wondered about its true, safe, shelf life? Well, UK food processors have made big strides in extending the shelf life of prepared foods.

A collaborative effort administered by the Sustainable Shelf-Life Extension (SUSSLE) has led to the preparation of pre-packaged foods at much lower temperatures than usual. The gentler cooking process has proven to add substantial shelf-life to these goods and the foods retain their organoleptic qualities that buyers expect. Continue reading

Butcher Of Year The Award


In November 2012, a Midlands-based retailer captured the prestigious title as the Butcher’s Shop of the Year.  The announcement was made at an awards ceremony held in London’s Landmark Hotel.  Aubrey Allen first claimed the regional award for the Midlands and East of England category. The judges described Allen’s shop as, “fully mature business that shouts top restaurant-standard quality, but maintains good value.”

Entering 2012, Allen was committed to create more enthusiasm for his products and to increasing customer satisfaction.  The judges hailed his commitment to a quality customer experience. Continue reading